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Thursday, 9 October 2008

MyFaces and Facelets - The Definitive Guide

For the past five months or so, I've had the pleasure of participating as a contributing author and editor of the recently released Apress publication, "MyFaces and Facelets - The Definitive Guide".

It was a great experience that I hope that I'll be able to relive in the near future on other book writing projects. What I liked about the book was the focus on the array of JSF components under the MyFaces Apache project. Most people seem to think that MyFaces is simply an implementation of the JavaServer Faces specification. MyFaces is an umbrella project for JavaServer Faces related technologies. The most famous of the sub-projects is the Tomahawk components project which provides a lot of useful JSF component that I certainly couldn't live without.

The focus of the book is on technologies under the Apache MyFaces project as well as the Facelets technology. Facelets is another very important JSF technology that deserves more attention from the community. There are lots of people using Facelets, but little development is going on to make it truly professional.

The book is not for newcomers to JSF, but for programmers already familiar with the basics of JSF. If you are looking to get familiar with JSF I can highly recommend JSF In Action by Kito D. Mann published by Manning.

Thanks to Zubin Wadia and Hazem Saleh for making the project a great experience!

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