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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Finalised my mission in Djibouti and Kenya

Today, I finalised my mission to Djibouti and Kenya. I've still got another three days until I'm back home, but at least my work is done. While in Djibouti I carried out four days of System Administration training for the Web Portal I'm putting into place. That was followed by a one day steering committee meeting and four days workshop on Portal Management in Nairobi. It has been a very exhausting trip as I caught a food poisoning in Djibouti two days after having arrived. The food poisoning persisted until yesterday (almost a week) after which I had to go see a doctor. Fortunately, Nairobi Hospital is located just opposite the venue where I was conducting the workshop. So after having consulted a doctor and taken a few samples, I was given some medicine that would hope initially until they had time to examine my samples. So, today I got a call from the doctor explaining that I had a fungus growing in my stomach that was developing into a yest infection. I was then given some antibiotica and now feeling very fine. However, the last week was hell. Imagine having to do presentation from morning till afternoon with a constant stomach ache and having to run off to the wash room after every meal. Anyways, it is now being treated and I'm feeling much better.

Besides my illness I got to talk and meet some wonderful people from around Eastern Africa. Tomorrow morning I'm off to Dubai where I'll spend one day before heading home to the family! Traveling can be very tiring and stressful when you'd rather spend time with your wife and baby.

That's all for now folks.

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