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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Yippiee my new phone arrived

For a long time my old phone has been way past retirement. It was a Qtec 2020 (I believe). I've always loved smartphones and hated the glorified music players (e.g. Sony Ericsson). I don't see the point in the fancy music player phones, but that is probably because I'm perfectly happy with my iPod and have no plans of replacing it for something less cool.

Anyways, the Qtec acted up a long time ago. I used it as my organiser, phone and GPS for the car. When it suddenly started losing all its memory and at the same time I misplaced my stylus, I thought that it was high time to get a new phone. So this time I decided not to get a smartphone (mostly because the complete lack of market for smartphones in Denmark - this makes it very expensive!). Instead I got myself a Nokia 6120 with all the latest services provided on the 3G network (Skype, MSN, MobileTV, etc).

From the End-to-End Web Service Tutorial on So far I'm loving the phone! It is fully compatible with Java MIDP 2.0 - so I'll have to get cracking with Java ME to make some applications soon. Can anybody recommend a good starting point for Java ME programming? My background in Java is purely enterprise and web. NetBeans got some cool mobile development aids that I'll be trying out - but I'd really like to know the basics before I start all the dragging and dropping. In anycase I think this is a good place to start: NetBeans 6.0 Mobility Documentation. It's got a pretty good tutorial for creating a mobile Dilbert browser.

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