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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Using my Nokia 6120 for presentations

Today I noticed a cool feature of my new Nokia 6120 mobile phone. From it's download menu I was able to download a presentation tool from Nokia that turns the phone into a remote control for my PC. I've been thinking about getting a separate presentation device as I do a fair share of presentations and hate having to walk back to my PC everytime I want to move to the next slide. So, the way it works is by having a java application on the phone that emulates the mouse and an application on the PC that turns the keypresses on the phone into mouse movesments on the PC. I've tried it out with PowerPoint and works great. The tool also supports other applications out of the box such as Winamp and Media Player. The desktop tool can futhermore configure the remote control for other programs as well by specifying what should happen when each individual key on the phone is pressed.

The application (containing both the desktop application and the Java ME application) can be downloaded from the Nokia Community Portal: Mosh.


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