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Friday, 2 January 2009

Christmas present from Sun

Just as the year was ended I got a great Christmas present from Sun Microsystems.

1) A cool NetBeans 10 year anniversary T-shirt for participating in the community acceptance test programme for NetBeans 6.5 (NetCAT)

2) A pass on my exam to become Sun Certified Specialist for NetBeans IDE

The exam was special to me as it was my first ever certification exam. My score was 82%, with the least score in questions about building Java SE applications. I guess it shows that I've never build Java SE applications on NetBeans. Otherwise I think the exam was great. Studying for the exam revealed a lot of useful features that I had never used before, but now wondering how I could ever live without. I can highly recommend doing the exam!

Thanks Sun!

1 comment:

Varun said...

Nice Tshirt :) congratulations for the achievements ;)

Happy New Year